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Business interruption insurance

Running a business is tough. You have many hats to wear and have to juggle staff, accounts and customers as well as the other hurdles life presents. Could you afford to shut your doors if in the event of an unexpected event? Would your business be able to survive?


Without taking out a business interruption insurance policy, the answer for many business owners is no.


What is business interruption insurance?


Business interruption insurance covers the loss of sales or profits when your business is out of action as a result of an unforeseen event or incident. Business interruption insurance can also cover:


  • Operating expenses and utilities

  • Costs for securing and fitting new premises 

  • Temporary business/office relocation expenses

  • Advertising to inform clients your office has moved

  • Ability to pay and retain employees throughout the interruption

Do I need business interruption insurance?


A survey of 500 business owners by CGU revealed one in four businesses would have to close if they experienced a business interruption such as a major storm or fire. When you’ve invested so much time, money and emotion into getting your business to where it is today, it’s important to assess how vital business interruption insurance would be in ensuring the survival of your business.


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Insurance HQ has access to a wide range of business interruption insurance providers. We can help you find the most suitable and comprehensive cover to help you navigate through the interruption and come out on the other side. Get in touch with our brokers today on 1300 815 344 or request a quote online.

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Insurance HQ is a friendly family-owned & run insurance brokerage.
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  • We take all of the stress out of choosing cover as we know what policies offer genuine protection vs coverage that simply “sounds good”.

  • In the event of a claim, our multi-award winning team will take all the hassle and stress out of the process, handling the situation for you. With years of experience handling all forms of claims, there isn’t a scenario we haven’t heard or mastered the art of dealing with.

  • No one knows the industry better – we get our clients the best possible cover, for the best possible price and we fight for your best interest.

  • Beyond our customer service and our industry experience, we’ve spent many years building a strong rapport with insurers and negotiating competitive premiums.

  • With access to over 170 insurers and a friendly team who will take care of you, come and experience the Insurance HQ difference today