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Tax Audit Insurance

It’s a safe bet to say that the term ‘tax audit’ rings alarm bells in all business owners’ ears. Even if your books are in tip-top shape, a tax audit can be stressful and disruptive for both your business and personal life.


Every year the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) shares a list of the types of business they will be focusing their auditing activities on for the coming year. Business owners that own rental properties or have a self-managed superannuation fund have a higher chance of being audited.


With the right tax audit insurance, you can reduce the potential costs of an audit for your business (and hopefully a little stress as well).


What is tax audit insurance?


Tax audit insurance covers a business for specific expenses and costs in the event of being audited by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Some examples of the costs that can be covered include accountant fees, tax agent fees and other professional fees. In most cases business owners hire a professional accountant or tax agent to assist with the audit, and their fees can be considerable. Tax audit insurance can reduce the financial and emotional burden of financing these fees.

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